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CGB IGCSE Chemistry


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Chapter 2
Separation of mixtures
Student Objectives:
  1. describe methods of purification by the use of a suitable solvent, filtration, crystallisation, and distillation.
  2. suggest suitable purification techniques, given information about the substances involved.
  3. describe paper chromatography.
  4. Interpret simple chromatograms.
  5. Outline how chromatography techniques can be applied to colourless substances by exposing chromatograms to substances called locating agents.

Tuesday August 24th 2004

Class Topic
Chapter 2
Separation techniques
Class work
Lab Separation of salt water
Finish writing up lab

Wednesday August 25th

Class Topic:
Chapter 2
Separation Techniques
Discuss Chromatography
Interpret simple chromatograms
Questions 2.6 (page 42)  Answer questions on quizlab.

Thursday August 26th

Class Topic:
Chapter 2
Solutions, Solvents and Solubility
Discuss solutions, solvents and solubility
Demo on solubility and types of solutions
Questions 2.4, 2.7, and 2.8 (pages 41 and 43) Answer questions on quizlab

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